Happy Ending Massage

Happy Ending Massage


Most people think that every sensual sexy massage is a happy ending massage. Well, this is not the case. A massage is meant for relaxation of the body and relieving stress and tension in the human body. Unless it is a unique massage, not all types of massage are happy ending massages. The thought of a person becoming a massage therapist or a masseuse used to give people creeps. They thought that every massage has to end with a sexual act, but this is not the case. A professional masseuse today is a highly respected person today. A happy ending massage is a kind of massage that ends up with a sexual act or an orgasm. A happy ending massage can be offered to both the male and female gender, but the male is the most frequent customer.

A massage should have a happy ending only by a consensus. This means that the masseuse and the person receiving the massage both agree to the happy ending. Don’t go to a massage parlor and think that your massage will have a happy ending. You might be embarrassed to the core when the masseuse whether male or female neglects you and warns you that they will stop the massage if you continue with erotic advances. There are tantric massage parlours that offer happy ending massage up to today, but it is illegal in some countries like America.

The main aim of a happy ending massage is to provide a happy ending. It doesn’t have to be a sexual act, but it can also be a hand job. A good masseuse will know when you are approaching him or her for a happy ending massage. For men, it is very easy to note when they want a happy ending but for women it is subtle. There might be heavy breathing and moaning, but that doesn’t mean that the woman wants a happy ending massage.

Just like the many types of erotic massage, a happy ending massage has a general benefit, and that’s relaxation. After a whole day at work, you might want to relieve the pressure and all the stress with a happy ending massage. At the end of the mutual massage, you will feel relaxed and satisfied at the same time. If you have a partner, it is best you consider having the massage done by him or her. This will eliminate trust issues in the relationship creating a bond between the partners.

A happy ending sensual massage can be used to help the other partner control their orgasm or ejaculation period. This maximizes pleasure in the relationship, and it can also be used to heal premature ejaculation. For the people who have erotic fears, a happy ending massage is an ultimate solution for this. It doesn’t matter whether you have a partner or not but it should be considered with the partner first. To avoid humiliation, don’t go to a massage parlor and think that every massage that you receive will end in a happy ending. Most of the masseurs will quickly reject your advances telling you it is not appropriate or professional. A happy ending massage is optional, but it can go a long way in making you feel relaxed and free.


Happy ending massage is performed on both sexes, male and female that ends with a full blown ejaculation. What are the benefits of happy ending massage?

1. Develop rehabilitate and maintain physical function: Happy ending massage focuses on physical, spiritual, emotional and sexual health of a client all at once. This brings about a renewed sense of self sense and worth.

2. Emotional healing: The aim of happy ending massage is to improve your emotional wellbeing.

3. Alleviate overall stress: Although sexual by nature, happy ending massage is very beneficial to partners. It relaxes and makes you become aware of your partner, whether married for years or just starting out.

4. Better health: The happy ending massage improves blood circulation and your health generally.

5. Curb impulses: Breathing techniques during the massage sessions helps you control your impulses. Others find different sexual issues are significantly healed once they start massage session.











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